by cjk2
q3pong2 by cjk2

The author says this is a remake of an old "pong" style map, which I remember. The difference is that this map is a spacemap. The layout is a long, rectangular trench. At the center, or "net", is a bridge. At each end is a wall of bounce pads. The concept is flying at high speed from one end to the other, back and forth.

The challenge is either: (1) trying to rail your opponent while flying back and forth at break-neck speeds, or (2) sitting on the bridge and taking shots with the BFG at the flying person. The downfall is when you are knocked out of the sky, it is a very long walk back to the bounce pads at either end.

Usually more fun with real people who will engage in high-flying rail battles. Bots seem to sit on the bridge and use the BFG. No powerups, all weapons except, LG and GL. If you like small arenas, or need rail practice: pick this one up.

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