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raspatan Rep. 3847
#14   13 May 2020
Fun all over! Specially if playing against humans!
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Anonymous unregistered
#13   10 May 2020
This one is great fun for a small number of people.
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Kyall Rep. 242
#12   10 Mar 2012
A pretty good experimental map. The idea of it is good, and it is quite fun with 12 human players. With 12 human players, it is just madness, but that is why it is so good, because it is just ridiculous how crazy it is! Bots, not so fun, but it can be fun trying to rail them as they just camp on the bridge. As remnent said, it is good rail gun practice. It teaches you to shoot people at high speeds, and this can be a handy skill. 9/10.
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shrinker unregistered
#11   07 Jan 2011
you are right about that! next time i'll be quiet
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SW12 unregistered
#10   06 Jan 2011
Okay! maybe sometimes I overreact. But I took the word "sucks" to be offensive. Okay?
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shrinker unregistered
#9   05 Jan 2011
i just said i don't like the map
GOD, people doesn't understand
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SW12 unregistered
#8   05 Jan 2011
Then this map is not for you. Obviously if you don't like Experimental type maps, then just READ THE REVIEW!!!!!!!! GAWD >:O
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shrinker unregistered
#7   04 Jan 2011
this map sucks
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=DarkSprout= unregistered
#6   11 Mar 2009
Such a great map for quick and dirty LAN games - bots on the bridge make great RG target practice.
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Myth unregistered
#5   14 Aug 2006
Yeah I agree, this map is laugh. I always have time for the odd "novelty" map
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Linc Rep. 20
#4   12 Aug 2006
You're right, guys, "fun" is the word here.

As the review says, bots hang around the bridge too much, they do it in a weird manner, there must be some entity or something like that confusing them (as Xaero would say, they walk like drunkards ).

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Tryhard Rep. 40
#3   12 Aug 2006
i only played this map with bots now-will try to convince someone who is running a server to put it on ;)- but it's such fun to play it so had to give it a 9!
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Rome Rep. 21
#2   12 Aug 2006
this map is just plain fun
some crazy frags can be made here
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Pasquake Rep. 56
#1   12 Aug 2006
i've tested it. It's a good accuracy pratice map ^^

Also' playing in it is funny _|^|_

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