Hide And Seek '05
Hide And Seek '05 by Tscheckepp
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#4   20 Jul 2012
Looks like beginner material, but it plays good.
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#3   04 Jul 2012
Man what such fun this map is :D. Although textures seem to be badly brushed, it's a very large map and it's hard to find bots. Definitely a map I would recommend to others. 7.5/10.
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Linc Rep. 20
#2   12 Aug 2006
The idea is good. With a little more attention to detail could have been MUCH better. The brushes and blocks are fine, but when I talk about the detail, I mean about the textures. Q3A is full of them, inside the pak0.pk3. Just to add some variety that, in this case, can make a noticeable difference.

The map feels unfinished because of the looks, but more because of the outer section.
I agree with what the reviewer says about the lightning; too bright inside the pit, where it should have been way less brighter, although not necessarily dark (too many lights perhaps, or too intense?)
This is a kind of map to play against your clan mates at a LAN party; but nothing else, unless it is re-worked a little more.
I liked the vertical action.

Edited: 12.Aug.2006 13:25 AEST

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Pasquake Rep. 90
#1   12 Aug 2006
I've just saw somewhat like this... more transparent but i've just saw it... XD
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