Hide And Seek '05
Hide And Seek '05 by Tscheckepp

This map has quite a simple layout. It is a square box divided into several levels. The top floor surrounds a square pit with few columns and platforms inside. You can get out of this pit by one of many available jumpads or by small moving platform located inside the central column. On the top floor there is also one small chamber where the Quad spawns. All weapons are present (except BFG), besides Quad there is also Battle Suit and Invisibility. The poor lighting does not help this map at all. The top floor has sharp blue lighting, the pit is lit by too bright white lights.

The bot-file is included and there is also a new bot - JakeBot - within the PK3 (just scripts, no new model). It played quite well. I think this map could be fun with human players, but maybe not for more than a few games.

It is not bad map but I doubt many people will keep it. (6/10) Note: There are two missing sound files.

Reviewed by nzk

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Hide And Seek '05 by Tscheckepp