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suboptimal by thefury
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FragTastic Rep. 1362
#17   16 Jan 2012
Love it to bits! 10/10.
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membrane Rep. 40
#16   18 Feb 2011
Very inspirational. I love the main (RA) atrium and the room with RL and YA - great geometry. But why is there no shotgun?! :D
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AEon Rep. 393
#15   23 Aug 2009
A map to my heart, exactly the way I prefer level design and layout. Very clean and beautiful map, that also plays well.
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Tig Rep. 814
#14   28 Jul 2006
David: Visit qeradiant.com/ and download GtkRadiant
Also, a 2 second google search: www.google.com/search?q=BSPC+q3a
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David Gleed unregistered
#13   28 Jul 2006
I know this isn't meant to be a level help website but can anyone help me. The problem is I need the bspc.exe program to make bot support for my maps but I can't seem to find it on the net to download. If you could help me email me at:
igleed@bigpond.net.au or irgleed@bigpond.com.

Please, I need BSPC!

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IK-NIN Rep. 0
#12   25 Jul 2006
yeah the water looks like tiles instead. idk if its missing texture or not
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Anonymous unregistered
#11   23 Jul 2006
there's a missing water texture. when on the lowest stair there's a waterpool but teh shader isn't working well
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IK-NIN Rep. 0
#10   23 Jul 2006
I am a fan of thefury's maps. This is among one of the best maps he made. It's quite nice.
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Salinga unregistered
#9   20 Jul 2006
Users the community doesnt need...

BTW there is a Elite Force version of this map:


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redfella unregistered
#8   19 Jul 2006
Tig: ..::lvl rules all. Thanks for all the time and money you have put into it.

sumatra: Great map!

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Anonymous unregistered
#7   19 Jul 2006
this is a beautiful map, really easy on the eyes, but i found game play sort of confusing so i dont think ill keep this one, but it is very well done indeed
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Tig Rep. 814
#6   19 Jul 2006
Aquashark: Have you ever thought that there may be a reason why directory listing is not enabled?

Basically, I pay for this server and get nothing ($$ wise) back (the google ads return about $5 a month if I'm lucky, the server cost are MUCH more than that).

All I can say is, download from MHGmaing or donate some $$, every month :]

Also, the next post you make had better be about the level, or I will delete it.

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Aquashark unregistered
#5   18 Jul 2006
when i try to visit:

there is a 403 Forbidden Page error..

please allow directory listing so i can download all maps hosted
if i try to download from the MHGaming FTP i get 5 KB/s transfer speed because my ftp ports are limited, however if i could get a http download from those pages i'd have >200 KB/s

so will you please allow directory listings? :)

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sumatra aka thefury unregistered
#4   17 Jul 2006
Thanks guys,

every Feedback is appreciated as always!
Glad you like my conversion of this masterpiece of floorplan.
There are some smaller issues/cosmetic and gameplaywise, but what is a map with its small "human rough edges" :P
I thought this would be my last Q3 effort, but some people push me to develop a further map. Will be a CTF one, something I have never done before.

I guess I'll keep you posted, on every platform that has helped me the last past years

Until then, Have fun

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Myth unregistered
#3   17 Jul 2006
I think I commented on this over at Q3W... but you can't have too many compliments for good maps.

Very nice tourney map.

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ALMighty unregistered
#2   17 Jul 2006
Nice map. I really like the architecture and colour scheme.
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Pasquake Rep. 36
#1   16 Jul 2006
That's a well done lighting/designing/texturing map. The only think that I don't like is: the map is small. Dogfighting rulez in this map. Perfect for duels. 9
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