Past or Present?
Past or Present? by Munyul Verminard
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2581
#7   23 Nov 2011
I enjoy CPM, but... I personally think that there's no excuse not to include textures in a map. Just because you're a fan of the mod and want to get others to try it by "intentionally" excluding textures is no reason to leave them out imo. Some people don't want to have to download extra mods to play maps, because they want to get into the action right away. True, from the sounds of it there is a lot of tricks in the map that require CPM... but some people don't really care about compatibility. Thank goodness this unfair practice didn't spread any further.

In essence: If you want people to try a mod, you should promote it, not try to boycott vanilla Q3.
Edited: 23 Nov 2011 AEST

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O51R15 unregistered
#6   05 Sep 2009
Quote from the readme:

"To encourage players to get and play the CPMA mod, some
textures have not been included in the .pk3 file, therefore
will appear to be missing in vanilla Quake3 Arena"

Unless you're running CPMA, don't bother, I guess. And if you are running Promode, you'll likely be disappointed in the cramped layout and poor connectivity.

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Mark unregistered
#5   09 Jul 2008
The cpma of this map is exceptionally well done and holds a few more tricks up its sleeves than some of the maps that made it into the official cpma map pack. alot of airstrafing in this one and the map is spacious enough in the right places to maintain the speed required to do the trickier jumps easily and smoothly without interrupting gameflow (stair trim to RA for egs).
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v1l3 Rep. 1545
#4   24 Jul 2006
The first map he ever made became the 10th most downloaded map here.. I've been playing his maps since then...he's the oldschool.. like Tig...

Edited: 24.Jul.2006 07:50 UTC

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Anonymous unregistered
#3   23 Jul 2006
i agree, i think this map is well textured and shaded but i just didnt feel comfortabe with it, i liked the use of teliporters but thats all really, i was expecting far greater maps from this author after i expirienced "forgotten" which i still play alot to this day
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IK-NIN Rep. 10
#2   23 Jul 2006
I was disappointed with this one. I mean, his other maps rocked but this one didn't cut it. The teleporter takes you into the same room, really. I always find myself in the same pattern, the path after going into the teleporter. There are no gameflow and I hardly reached other places like I should. While playing, I thought, "lets go that way, I hope this time- the path is different." instead of how to frag these bots.
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Pasquake Rep. 100
#1   16 Jul 2006
Graphically well done :)
Low poly but well done, bot also play well. 8
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