exit the proFa[tory
exit the proFa[tory by the_nookie
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#11   24 Jun 2020
pro version but I wouldn't call it promode. the jumps just really aren't there. there is a stair jump to rg but that could just as easily be accidental promode. Tourney - no; too big for that, 8 players works really well. As a team deathmatch - I would definitely recommend it. The Ra Quad areas are well-delineated and well separated. Even comes with location identifiers as well. the textures (and in fact walls) Pasquake seems to be referring to are gaps that allow you to see straight out into the skybox.
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FragTastic Rep. 2323
#10   15 Jan 2012
Love your maps!. 10/10
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Brian unregistered
#9   13 Sep 2010
Escape Factory
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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#8   17 Feb 2010
I love the environment that the_nookie has created here. I highly recommend downloading the custom music file also, as it really adds to the atmosphere. One can ascertain that a considerable amount of effort, time, and patience was employed in creating this map. You can't go wrong with this one. Большое спасибо (thank you very much) for such a great and worthwhile undertaking Nook.
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nook Rep. 20
#7   17 Aug 2006
Ok two years passed since release.
Question: does anybody seen photo of mine at this map 8) ?
Edited: 10 Dec 2008 AEST
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schwim Rep. 0
#6   16 Aug 2006
quote: ....but im not so sure if your map deserves to have it grace it as a music track

well heck, he's not sure if you're map deserves the soundtrack....


hehe, what a totally genius statement.

Teh_N00k: Thanks for the cool map. I enjoyed playing this one, and it's currently on the local server. I appreciate you sharing it with us.

Oh, and you can keep the soundtrack with the map..... in spite of what anonymous said. I know we should all take his opinions with the most sincere of considerations, but I think this time.... this time ONLY, mind you, it will be ok to not give a flying shit in a rolling donut what he thinks.

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Anonymous unregistered
#5   15 Aug 2006
i love sonic mayhems music but im not so sure if your map deserves to have it grace it as a music track
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nook Rep. 20
#4   15 Aug 2006
That's because music is in separate pack, read my previous post more carefull plz
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IK-NIN Rep. 10
#3   25 Jul 2006
music wont load in this map. it says "cannot load audio_adrenaline.wav" and i look into the pk3. there are no audio_adrenaline.wav in it. what should i do. I would like to fix this.
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nook Rep. 20
#2   16 Jul 2006
You can go completely f*n crazy about this map. Just like I do
... now it's more balanced, mmmm, no, MUCH more balanced (I learn)
... plus GL is added (cuz all q3dm6.ru were screamin' to give them it :)
... plus anti-Tjunk at Main and Back Yard work was done
... more like 3-8 players to me
... Hey Tig I dont see a link to custom musics here on site. thenookie.newmail....nook3dm2pro.zip (7.8 MB)
... thanks to EvilLair for 'eX' textures, and SonicMayhem for 'Adrenaline' soundtrack
that's all I wanted to add to v1|3 's review, thanks man

I supposed to make it Q4, but I'm disappointed with it's mp and q4editor (it looks more like a q3radiant v0.9beta)
heh, release date 16.Jul 2006 is my mom's b/day :) and exactly four years ago I got into institute, nice catch by Tig, that happens :)))

2 Pasquake
What's tha non seamles mode, I never heard of seamles one! :)

Edited: 17.Jul.2006 07:38 UTC

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Pasquake Rep. 100
#1   16 Jul 2006
Some textures are placed in a non seamless mode, but in the complex is a great job; lighting is perfect :)
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