Citadel Fantasia
by Myth
Citadel Fantasia by Myth

Citadel Fantasia by Myth, is a must download for all players with ATi and Nvidia video cards that would love to see a still skybox without lines. Instant Love! A sky!

The sky is what I noticed last though as I am used to r_fastsky "1", and was amazed with the map right away with just the look of it, and the layout. It's a large map that if your into using a grappling hook, you can literally fly around and over the map. When playing it initially, it reminded me of playing lloydmdm2 back in the day, as it is kind of like that map with the way where the floor plan works through the different building inside and outside, with the Ancient kind of feel in look. I went and read the readme after playing it, and the mapper said that he was inspired by that map with it's size, and had always wanted to make a large indoor/outdoor Gothic map, which turned into this map. The map was made over a two and a half year stretch and the amount of detail shows very well, and you'll definitely need a healthy computer to run it on most likely.

There are hidden areas, as I found one accidentally by grappling the higher part of the map. There is a lot of steps in the map, and some of the steps are done very originally in a look of what I've never seen done before in angles. Stairways go over your head in parts that have curved bottoms. You walk under a curved arch bridge to see a beautifully curved stairway that goes up into a building that looks like a huge castle. When you walk on the high points of the map there are fences to keep you on path, to not fall off of the edge to below. You can look up to the top of the buildings to see the flags on their tops, blowing in the wind that you can hear in the ambiance.

The map is definitely very artistic as I could probably go on for quite a while about how great it is, so I'm just going keep it simple, and tell you all very aggressively to... DOWNLOAD!

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