Deep Freeze
Deep Freeze by Shadowdane

Deep Freeze by Shadowdane is one of the best map layouts I've seen in a long time. The map is a port of one of the Authors Q2 maps, but basically was rebuilt from the ground up. The amount of detail put into the map is astounding. It is another map that shows how far Q3A mapping has come over the years. Everything from the shader effect put into the lights that make them spin in the air, to the interactive layout incorporated into a few of the item pick-ups.

You have to drop down a shaft to the underground, hit a bouncepad which will bounce you over a large hole to the oblivion, to another bouncepad which will send you to a place where the MegaHealth is. There is a hole in the floor in one room, which you must drop through to grab the RA before you fall into it's swirling teleporter. To get to the Quad, you must find the alarm switch, and figure out where the alarm is telling you to go, alike yog3dm6, a great map by Yogi, which is where the Author got the textures from for this map.

With the pipes that run on walls which have steam coming out with shader effects by Ben "Krash" Ackland, and a window in the RG room which has a camera to the LG room, the map is full of great looking things brought together with great connectivity, and vertical action also.

There has been quite a few great looking and fun frozen maps that have been made over the years, but this is a necessary one to have.

Instructions in my opinion are: Download -> Install -> Play.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (62 votes)

Download: Deep Freeze by Shadowdane