Stabilized Warfare: Resurrection
by Tymo
Stabilized Warfare: Resurrection by Tymo

Stabilized Warfare: Resurrection is a tight, concentric design with an open 'courtyard' as it's dominant feature. The lighting and textures are solid and there are enough small details to give this map a polished feel. Weapons placement is a little too concentrated and items abound. Bots do not seem to have any major hang-ups, but do tend to collect in the bottom of the courtyard, leading to an excess of sloppy frags. There is little innovation here, but the action is fast enough to merit a couple fast rounds.

Give this one a try. You won't play it for hours, but it's worth leaving in rotation for a change of pace.

Reviewed by ren3of3

Second opinion

Tymo has resurrected Gonzo's rather solid quake 1 map, Stabilized Warfare for this one folks. I did a little research and found Gonzo's work included releases in map packs with such mappers as Bal, which quickly made me sit up and pay attention. It was time to get this map fired up and give it a whirl. Boy I tell ya. I'm sure glad I did 'cause this is one sweet puppy. Oh yes sir!!

What we have here basically is your small to mid-sized, multi-tiered map, finely textured out in the Evil Liar texture sets 6 & 8 (man I love those jump pads) and complimented by a rather fine Sock sky texture to boot. I like the way Tymo has even kept the lift working Quake 1 style, as in you have to push the double arrowed button (rear of the lift) to make it go up. This gives the player the option of dropping down the lift shaft without being taken back up when he or she does not want to be.

1v1 is the flavour of the month here for me, but the map is just as good to go in a 3 or 4 player FFA or a 2v2 TDM game. Your weapon stack includes, in Tymo's own words from his website:- 1x Rocket Launcher, 1x Shaft, 1x Shot Gun, 1x Grenade Launcher, 1x Rail, 1x Plasma. Item wise you have 2 Yellow Armours, and a Red Armour which is off-set by the mega-health. The default bot is Doom for 1v1 and he'll sure give you a run for your money.

Final Word. Why are you still reading this... download this map already. It's a keeper for sure.

Reviewed by Foralarx

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (20 votes)

Download: Stabilized Warfare: Resurrection by Tymo