Stabilized Warfare: Resurrection
by Tymo
Stabilized Warfare: Resurrection by Tymo
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Bummser Rep. 90
#11   10 Jun 2022
This map has amazing gameplay, we tested it in our VR rotation. Also great performance on Meta Quest 2, which is not always a given.
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PaN61 Rep. 385
#10   11 Jan 2010
The skybox of this map is amazing! The textures and the gameplay are great. This is the first map that I have downloaded, which has a working Quake 1 style lift, the map is just amazing, what else can I say about the map. I'm definitely keeping this map.

I give this map a 10/10.
Keep making more excellent maps, Tymo.

Edited: 11 Jan 2010 AEST

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AEon Rep. 770
#9   21 Aug 2009
A map that just feels right, gameplay-wise. The nice texturing, and the views into the skybox are very beautiful touches. The bot play well enough, and actually do roam the out-lying corridors, though they concentrate on the central arena for the most part. Definitely try it out!
Edited: 27 Aug 2009 AEST
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#8   30 Jun 2009
i have to agree with the comments here. 1. teleporters are good 2. the open areas should really be open to allow roof access and falling/ being shot off edge & 3. shame you cant shoot through the grate flooring but given they can work the other way round as cover in favour for those in the central area i can overlook this one. but it is so beautifully textured and consistent in its theme i'll forgive it its flaws.
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#7   14 Jun 2006
Awesome level. The teleporters create some good gameplay in my opinion and the many levels of the map is superb. I'm keeping this one.


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Tymo Rep. 0
#6   01 May 2006
  1. Thanks for your comments and for the review.
  1. I forgot my good friend torben to give credit in the readme file. So thank you for your patience torben ;) ...
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ix unregistered
#5   20 Apr 2006
A very pretty map although for the kind of map it is trying to be I think you should cut down the intrusiveness of some of the clipping. The outdoor area should really let you fall to your death and if you don't want to put visuals in for that at least let players jump onto the out-jutting bits. The outdoor 'ceilings' also need to be significantly higher.
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Pasquake Rep. 100
#4   19 Apr 2006
That's a very good map :/ well done ;)
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v1l3 Rep. 1545
#3   17 Apr 2006
You haven't put out a map in ages. Nice to see old crowd. =>
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Metal unregistered
#2   16 Apr 2006
Good map with good visuals and gameplay
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bluemonkey Rep. 40
#1   15 Apr 2006
This is a quality map through and through and for me is my favourite out of today's updates. It works great in 4 player DM. It looks great, it plays great. One of my favourite maps on my hard drive.
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