galvanized by zorius

Galvanized consists of an upper level reachable by three stairways, one jumppad and a teleporter, plus a lower level which is broken up into areas at slightly different levels.

Gameplay is geared towards Tourney and 3 or 4 player FFA matches, with your item loading including: Weapons: 1xPG, 1xLG, 1xRL. Ammo: 1XPG, 1XLG, 1XMG. Health: 2x25, 2x50, 4x5. Armour 2x 4xshards RA. There are six spawn points.

The upper area is where most of the action takes place as this is where two of the weapons are (PG & LG) and where our main prize is, the RA. The floor of the upper level has two large openings in it to provide us with some vertical relief as well, with the RA sits in between these two openings in the floor.

Aesthetically the map is kitted out in the excellent IK Fingers old skool base textures and a suitably nice sky box one. But with such a simple map it is the simple little things that show the quality of Zoruis's mapping skills. The non working lights and the flashing one on the top level, the broken slabs / stairs on the lower level, the placement of the light structures either side of the teleporter giving the player a way to cross the gap. The width of the larger gap on the top level being just right for a correctly timed strafe.

For a map that started off as an experiment in learning how to do curves this is one nice map. There and again given the beta testers listed on the mappers website that's no surprise.

Final words:- Most certainly worth the download, and good for a few rounds with a friend or two, time will tell if it stays on the HD though.

Reviewed by Foralarx

Tigs notes: A version of this level is available with a 13MB music track (about 19MB download in total).

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (17 votes)

Download: galvanized by zorius