Main informations_____________________________________________________

Title: galvanized
Game: Quake3
Date: 2005, Dec 10.
Filename: galvanized.bsp
Author: Kornel Wagner, may known as 'zorius'
Email Address: **email removed**
Home Page:
Description: Small Tourney / DM map
Player load: 2-4 player. 1v1 or FFA
Spawn points: 6
Instructions: 1. unzip into baseq3
2. run quake3 and start a game from the multiplayer menu
Other works: Strogg citadel (Q2 DM)
Unholy Shrine (Q2 DM)
Zorius Strogghold single player mission pack (Q2 SP)
Phobos Arena (Q2 DM)
Fifth element (Heretic SP)


Thanks to:

- Ikka 'Fingers' Keranen for the nice 'oldskool' texture set (
- Simon 'sock' O'Callaghan for the wonderful skybox technique and other materials (
- Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone for the 'grate' texture (
- donkey, munyul, subst and vondur for betatesting, and the tons of helpful comments
- The whole GTKRadiant crew (
- ydnar for Q3map2 (
- idSoftware for creating Quake3 (

If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know and I'll gladly add your name.

Play Information______________________________________________________

Single Player: no (ehh, ok just for mappers ;-)
Cooperative: no
Deathmatch: yes, 6 startpoints
Duels: of course!
New Sounds: few, for better ambience
New Textures: Sure! ik3dm2 set form Ikka 'Fingers' Keranen
completed with one texture from Kevin 'Rorshach' Johnstone
a few of them was modified, just technically, for my own needs
New Sky: yes, sock's nice work
New Music: no
Demo: no

Recommended settings__________________________________________________

I hope the default usual settings will be good for this map.
If You want to enjoy the intimate ambient sounds set the music volume lower.


Base: basic layout is similar to one of my earliest q2 DM levels
Editor(s) used: GTKRadiant 1.4.0
Known Bugs: after many betatest versions, many of us think that there must not be any of them! But of course, noone is perfect. So, let me know!
Compilers used: q3map2 2.5.16 (2004-10-18) from ydnar
Compile time: bsp = 4 secs
vis = 865 secs
rad = 228 secs
total = 1097 secs (18.3 minutes)


Copyright stuff_______________________________________________________

This is may only be redistributed free of charge and unaltered with this text file included.