Title Stonemaze
Mapper Pan-(G)
Contact **email removed**
Date 2006

Description Stonemaze is a map for the mod defrag of the game Quake 3 Arena.

Used Software Gtkradiant (1.5.0 beta build), q3map2 (2.5.16), q3data, irfranview, gimp

URL You can get this map from or
and the defrag mod from .

IRC Checkout the channels #defrag and #defragmap on Network QuakeNet.

Copyright You may distribute this file in any electronic format (floppy disc, CD,
internet,etc) while you include this.txt file UNMODIFIED and distribute it
without any sort of costs.
Authors may NOT change this level or use it as a base for their own levels
without my authorization.

Thanks to

LetGo Shaders/Textures By BerneyBoy

MeLGibbsEm for the piano and bird sound files

Water/Lava Texture by Elias

Glass Texture/shader by Louie "KnightBK" Doulias for Black Knights Productions

LTg*W65B61S and Clean for testing

Levelshot by .dts. **email removed** #enforcer @ Quakenet