quaddamage by ROODOG

My first spawn I grabbed a Grenade Launcher and touched what I thought was a wall. Wrong! I was teleported into a lava filled cage from which there is no escape. Not a great start and it doesn't get much better.

Essentially it's a box map with gimmicks. Get the Battle Suit, go through the Teleport, get the Quad, rocket jump to the BFG is what Roodog intends, but it doesn't make for good gameplay. There are some nice ideas here (healing water) but it's just too open, too many gimmicks and too dark. Battle Suit, Quad, Regen, Invisibility, Medkit and all weapons including BFG are here. Hopefully Roodog can take some of the editor tricks learned from Quaddamage and use them in a map that has good gameplay. Bot file included.

Not recommended.

Reviewed by Leone

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: quaddamage by ROODOG