quaddamage by ROODOG
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not entered unregistered
#2   18 Jan 2005
NP Roo. Glad you took it how it was intended :-) Now I'm off to dload Fractured!
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ROODOG unregistered
#1   15 Jan 2005
Thank's Leone for your comments as it is appreciated.This map prob was a bit of an experiment with editor tricks.What i intended with the regen cage was for whoever picked up the teleport could dive through the pentagram for instant health.Also i use it to escape the quad.I'm glad you like the healing water as i put this as well as an armor shard pool to use in my map fractured which i think is my best map to date.I will give you a tip for fractured...spec a bot to find the bfg or you may never find it lol.Fractured also plays fast online so that is a plus.CYA
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