Evil Gemini CTF
Evil Gemini CTF by Mr.Lake

Small but well-formed is how I'd describe this base style map. The two raised flag bases face each other across a long hall that forms the central atrium, protected only by glass partitions. Four passageways run between the bases (which are reached by bounce pads), two at either end of the long central atrium.

Gameplay is intense even in 4-vs-4. Given that both the RL and YA spawn on the raised flag base platforms, flicking the bouncing attackers off the platforms as they come up is fairly straightforward, but the fact that there are gaps at the bottoms of the glass partitions means defenders can fire on each other easily across the central atrium.

All the weapons (except the BFG) are here, as well as a regen spawning in the middle of the central atrium. The textures are mostly id originals, with the occasional modification, and strong team colouring. The bots handle the level OK, though they avoid the outermost passageways between the bases. Needless to say, the small size of this map means there's nowhere to hide.

I'd recommend this map for 4-vs-4 LAN or server play, but it's also worth it if your stuck with bots. A nice, fun little level in a small download.

Reviewed by Seremtan

Tigs notes: A great, fun and well finished level. Perfect for small (2-4 player) CTF matches. Well worth grabbing.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (122 votes)

Download: Evil Gemini CTF by Mr.Lake