The Bunker (2)
The Bunker (2) by Mr.Lake

What a great idea! Mr. Lake states that this design was assembled with the intention of producing a great FFA optimized for Q3 bot play. Bots do own this map. I ran for 2 hours using bots. The competition was very intense.

Using crates, jump-pads and barrels as the simplistic make-up that allows AI to really give you a run for your money. Every time you play this map, you should have very interesting AI competition. Mr. Lake also states that the map would be nice in CPMA and RA as well. I wish that Mr. Lake would have included another Deftones track in this map like Engine #9 or Shove it, but this arena is fine as is.

All in all, a sweet map that will have a home on my hard drive. I suggest that everyone download this map to allow bots a place to roam and frag you!


Ranked: 4 out of 5 (77 votes)

Download: The Bunker (2) by Mr.Lake