The Bunker (2)
The Bunker (2) by Mr.Lake
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raspatan Rep. 4134
#14   20 Nov 2020
Slow map. And boxes are a bit annoying. Not made for bots either, as they do not go for the special items.
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ERU ChaOs unregistered
#13   23 Dec 2010
This reminded me of the multiplayer map of Quake4 Demo
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AEon Rep. 690
#12   21 Aug 2009
Way too many boxes? So much for pipes are the new boxes ;).
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#11   29 Feb 2004
Oh and hey, for those that actually like Bunker (you crazy SOBs you!), you can check out the new CTF version I just finished. :)
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#10   29 Feb 2004
Fair enough. I built it in less than 3 days, didn't care about visuals and wanted the bots to play better than on most maps out right now. And hey, if gameplay alternates between brilliant and dog stupid, then that's average. I released it expecting people to not like it and have for the most part been surprised. 5/10 is honest. Thanks.
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Madan unregistered
#9   28 Feb 2004
I disagree with the group. This map is unoriginal, ugly and the crates are so overused, it's scary.

Gameplay alternates between brilliant and dog-stupid.


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Ishushu unregistered
#8   20 Oct 2003
Very nice map but a bit small
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(X) unregistered
#7   19 Sep 2003
Oh very, very nice. And of course you gotta love that pimpage of the Lakes Digital Arts logo up there. ;)
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Xion unregistered
#6   18 Sep 2003
Gray Matter was right in hiring you. Gray Matter.
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#5   14 Sep 2003
rokscott - Try playing on Nightmare skill. Bots get all the items and should give you a run for your money. :)

As for tourney play, the best strategy on this map is to hangout around the's the best place to hear everything your opponent does and you're universally close to the best items. Poor planning on my part actually, so I appologize about that exploit. I am of course very glad that most everyone enjoys the map...that's why I make them and will continue to make them. Thank you very much!

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Xion unregistered
#4   13 Sep 2003
Mister Lake stikes again!!!!!!11111one one one
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rokscott unregistered
#3   13 Sep 2003
For such a small download this is a VERY good level. As for the map being a real challenge with the bots, I can't see it myself. When I first loaded up this map I chose Hardcore and I won first time round (and thats without even a look round). The bots never seem to go for the RA or the MH as they need acurate jump skills. I think that the important power ups need to be where the bots can just run over them to really make this level challenging for human vs bots. Still, a fine piece of work.

7/10 from me

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SoKaR unregistered
#2   11 Sep 2003
Very good for practice....excellent map!!!

Good work Mr.Lake... :)

8 from me!!!

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ME! unregistered
#1   11 Sep 2003
i agree w/ the reviewer, dnld this from authors website a few mounths ago, it truly ROX!!!!
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