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The Bunker (2)
"The Bunker - Version 1.0" AUTHOR: Mr.Lake DATE: 05/28/03 E-MAIL: **email removed** --------------------------------- Note to everyone: I set a goal for myself and for a change I actually delivered! :) What was the goal you ask? Build a medium-sized map for FFA, Team, and Tourney optimized for Q3 Bots and complete the map in 72 hours. I started Sunday, May 24th and by the same time Wednesday afternoon "The Bunker" is the final result. The map should be a good addition as a CPMA or RA3 map...but if you end up keeping this map on your harddrive for any reason, it will be for the excellent AI. The bot play around the level is uncanny, and I have taken much care in the map's evolution to preserve the bots' performance to this final version. I hope you all enjoy. --------------------------------- Description: "The Bunker" started as a garbage map for the challenge described above. As the map began to take shape and obstackes were needed, I happened over the base_objects set and began to fill the level with crates. Within a few hours there was a distinct Quake 2 feel in the architecture and theme, so 72-hours later it seemed natural to identify it with a quake 2-ish name. The map itself is 3 levels, a ton of health and amunition (of which I received criticism for the lack of in Burning Reminders), and the all important crates. Everything within has a brutal-industrialism theme varrying upon your floor in the map, but always consistant. --------------------------------- How to install: Copy the "map-bunker.pk3" file into the "baseq3" folder inside your Quake III Arena folder. You should now be able to access the map through the various Quake 3 menus. --------------------------------- Map file statistics: Filename: bunker.bsp Map title: The Bunker Gametypes: Tourney, FFA, Team Reccommended: 4 bots or a 2 vs 2 Build Time: 72 hours Compile Time: 16 minutes Workstation: 2100 Athlon XP 256MB DDR SDRAM ATi RADEON 9500PRO Compiler: Q3Map2 (by ydnar) Inspiration: Quake 2, Halo, and Speed-mapping. --------------------------------- The Bunker - (C) Mr. Lake - 2003 www.lakesdigitalarts.com
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