Evil Gemini CTF
"Evil Gemini CTF - Version 1.0"
AUTHOR: Mr.Lake DATE: 06/12/03
E-MAIL: **email removed**
Note to everyone:

My first CTF level to date, which
makes this map #5 in my (hopeful)
career. "Evil Gemini" started as
part of a Rocket Arena 3 map, but
I found myself desiring a more
cooperative level. Thus, I moved
the project to CTF and with some
major tweaking it turned into an
awesome 2 vs. 2 arena. You could
go 3 vs. 3, but you'll be pushing
both your system and the allotted


"Evil Gemini CTF" features 2 tall
towers facing each other, covered
by glass. The design is a little
bit reminiscent of Q3DM18, with a
dark looming atmosphere and giant
archways that line the length of
the map.

You will find dedicated RL's for
both teams, along with the PG and
SG. A regen is thrown in for the
occasional power-up frenzy. Also
included at the far ends are the
LG and RG. Health is sparce, use
it wisely and center your attacks
around the regen to be effective.

How to install:

Un-zip the "map-eg_ctf.zip" file
and place the contents into your
"baseq3" folder inside your Quake
III Arena folder. You should now
be able to access the map through
the various Quake 3 menus.

Map file statistics:

Filename: eg_ctf.bsp
Map title: "Evil Gemini CTF"
Gametypes: Capture The Flag
Reccommended: 4 bots or a 2 vs 2

Build Time: 2 Months, 25 days
Compile Time: 38 minutes
Workstation: 2100 Athlon XP
Compiler: Q3Map2 (by ydnar)
Inspiration: Juno Reaktor, some
Chevelle, BT, The
Matrix Reloaded,
FSOL, and Korn.
Go Blue Team!

Custom Artwork: Yes (Based on id)
Custom Shaders: Yes
Custom Models: None
Custom Sounds: None

Evil Gemini CTF - Mr. Lake - 2003
Artwork based on id textures are
copyright 1999, 2000 id Software.
This map cannot be distributed by
disk or storage media, all files
must be whole and intact, and may
be shared for non-profit use via
internet or network.