charon3dm13 - 5quid

Title : 5quid
Date : 08-08-2003
Filename : map-charon3dm13.pk3
Author : charon
Email Address : **email removed**
: (best to visit my site and get my current email address)
Website : www.interactivedeath.net/

Description : Similar to my last map "Stir Fried Rocks Attack"(charon3dm12)
: in visual style. Mostly different hues of grey, with abstract
: geometry. The style is kept simplistic due to the tournament
: nature of the map. The map is built to accomodate 2 players,
: specifically in a cpma 1vs1 setting. This map will flow
: differently in cpma than vq3 because of the trickjumps.

Additional Credits to : id software, Castle, Normal, Matt "Lunaran" Breit,
: Pete Parisi, Randy Reddig. Also to Mr.Clean and Powzer for
: finding the first and last zfighting bug after I spent
: 4 hours compiling the map. =)


- Play Information -

Players : 2 to 4(1v1 recommend)
Bots : Yes
Weapons : Rocket Launcher(2), Railgun, Super Shotgun,
: Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun, Lightning Gun


Unzip the the zip file map-charon3dm13.zip into your quake3\baseq3 directory.
Start quake3 and either select it from your map list or press tilde to enter the console and type:
"/sv_pure 0"
press enter
"/map charon3dm13"

- Construction -

Base : None
Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant
Known Bugs : None

Textures used : Lunbase textures by Matt "Lunaran" Breit
: ceil_lun_10k, ceil1_lun_20k, jumppad2, oynxlite_2k,
: teleport
: Meatpak textures by Pete Parisi
: concrete_greypaneldark, meat-tile_lightblue,
: meat-wall_greyrocky, concrete_dirtylong
: Sea Skybox textures by Randy Reddig
: sea_bk, sea_dn, sea_ft, sea_lf, sea_rt, sea_up

Compile machine : P4/2ghz with 1024megs RAM
q3map compile Time : TOTAL - 7692 seconds or roughly 2 hours and 8 minutes
: BSP - 3 seconds
: VIS - 40 seconds
: LIGHT - 7649 seconds
Brushes : 1261

- Copyright / Permissions -
You may not include or distribute this map in/with any sort of commercial product without
permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via any
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks
without permission from the author.