5quid by Charon

Ah yes, another architectural masterpiece from Charon. Construction is similar to Flea Fights as far as textures are concerned. Nice use of Lunaran textures here and there. The layout allows for fluid and furious game play.

Item placement is very plentiful, keeping some of the more valuable items within a jumping reach. Not so close as to make getting them easily while taking fire from your opponents.

Gameplay is omni-directional as you move vertically as easily as you can shred horizontally. I have all of Charon's maps. I have to admit I am a collector and when I found out that he had released this baby, I was all over it.

If you want hard-core matches, I suggest you download this like you have never downloaded before.

-Reviewed by ULTRASPANK5

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (41 votes)

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