5quid by Charon
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#18   10 Oct 2020
A total blast! Fast paced action in a gorgeous environment. One of charon's best for me.
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AEon Rep. 770
#17   21 Aug 2009
Bug: The pk3 seems to contain 2 .bsp and 2 .aas files, one in the proper maps folder the other in the main folder. Might be good to delete the extraneous versions.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#16   26 Aug 2008
this really is a squid of a map and its got that lovely run from RG to MH to YA around to RL and on to GL to RA to PG. The bouncepad is the only thing out of place visually but the teleporters work well amongst the tentacles
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Madan unregistered
#15   28 Feb 2004
A great map from Charon...as usual. 9/10.

Attractive, polished and filled with good gameplay.

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Charon unregistered
#14   20 Sep 2003
dEaTh: Are you sure you reviewed the correct map? This map has EVERY weapon except the BFG. It also has 2 rocket launchers. Thats a LOT of firepower in a map that is so small. From a spawning position you will have a weapon in under just a few steps from whereever you are. I could see this if you were talking about charon3dm12, as the weapons were sparse. The theme is the same, so are you sure you didn't confuse them?
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dEaTh unregistered
#13   20 Sep 2003
the lack of weaponry is what really got me. this is one of those makes, like "the dreadwrekz" i think q3dm12, where all the weapons belong in the game, the textures are nice and give the feel like youre in a crossbreed between a medevail castle and the death star. bots play better than usually, going for all the weapons and giving you a run for your money. the do unfortunately have a set route that they take however, so if you know all the spwan points, it gets boring fast. otherwise a well built, well though out map, with a few small disappointments. a powerup would have been nice too.
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Charon unregistered
#12   16 Sep 2003
Hehe. Btw, I think thats awesome you named them after mappers. =) I was placing the names with the picture and it made me chuckle for quite some time.
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ALMighty unregistered
#11   16 Sep 2003
Charon looks a bit grumpy ;)

Charon and Lunaran are of course two of my favorites too, but there are so many talented mappers out there that I also like. A lot of them are on this page, acctually :)

Great map Charon, btw!

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[acid] unregistered
#10   15 Sep 2003
really nice too see that "my" 2 fav mappers switched to cpma (even my budgies are namend charon and lunaran ;) )

visuals are imho not charon top-level and remind me of that 17-hours b/w map (#7?). anyways this map plays fantastic in cpm.. a 9 from me :)

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Mr. Lake unregistered
#9   14 Sep 2003
I have no opinion on CPMA. I don't play it or endorse it in anyway, but I recognize the importance of supporting the mod community with quality maps.

With that said and out of the way, this map is great for FFA with Vanilla Q3 and a couple other mods...I had a blast with it so no worries on that front.

The only thing that specificly bothers me (but not by much) is the texturing. I dig the architecture...the texturing just confuses the asthetic, blurring it between gothic and modern themes. Of course I come totally prepared to properly season my foot with many grains of salt before dining on it. I say that because its not fair to rate this map in an all-encompassing category...the map is probably excellent for CPMA and may lack slightly in VQ3 or other mods, so its a case of one score does not fit all. Therefore I give it a 9...because this map is quite awesome in FreezeTag Q3. :)

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Charon unregistered
#8   12 Sep 2003
Just as a note for anyone curious. =) This map is geared heavily towards the cpma crowd, as I only play cpma q3 these days. I've spent my last few maps trying to create a really fun 1vs1 cpma map, as that is my favorite playstyle. I know there are a lot of players out there who like the same style, and unfortunately there are a large number who can't stand that style. So as usual, and as recommned by ultraspank5, I recommend the map towards cpma/1vs1 inclined hardcore players. So have fun peeps. grins
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Charon unregistered
#7   12 Sep 2003
This was caught a while back on the quake3world forums and pointed out to me. The other map and aas is a failed map compile that somehow ended up in the root of the pk3 file unfortunately.
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SKS.45 unregistered
#6   12 Sep 2003
Why is there an aas & map file outside the maps folder within the pk3.

They are named the same, however considerably different sizes.

So... I'm guessing there are 2 versions of this map.... The ones in the map folder could be swapped out for the smaller files and vice versa.

Interesting :-)

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SoKaR unregistered
#5   11 Sep 2003
This is nice map...nice ideas...but it's not best of Charon!!! Playable in vq3a but it's much more better in cpma!!!

Still best map for me is charon3dm10...

I will keep this map but I wont play much on it....because I am not fan of cpma!!!

Cpma players, get this one right now...

7 from me!!!

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StormShadow unregistered
#4   11 Sep 2003
Good visuals, great gameplay. 9/10

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Bull_God unregistered
#3   11 Sep 2003
You're too much of a Charon fan to give this map an unbiased review, ULTRASPANK5.

Charon hasn't done anything innovative or interesting in quiet a while. This is just another example. Take Flea Fights and mix it with Stir Fried Rocks and you get 5quid. The gameplay isn't bad, but it feels like i've played here already.

Just like (can't remember names) #9, #10 (completely sucked ass), #11 are all similar.

Give us something new Charon, stop stealing your own ideas, there aren't THAT great. ;-)

5 from me.

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wviperw unregistered
#2   11 Sep 2003
Get this map on some servers people! And play it in CPMA please. :)

Great map.

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v1l3 unregistered
#1   11 Sep 2003
This map was specifically made for competitive play with cpma....you forgot that one important part=/
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