Two Worlds Collide!

reptctf11: Two Worlds Collide!



This is a CTF map ONLY. Four team_ctf and five respawn positions for

each team. Also there is a player_start position somewhere. The map

will appear in your skirmish menu in the CTF category. If it doesn't,

get a contract on me! Or, you can pull down the console by

using the ~ key, and type:/g_gametype 4, press enter, and then

type:/map reptctf11, press enter again, and voila!

So far i am influenced from the "q3ctf1" and from Infern0's "jtnctf1",

"Mayhem At The Base", as for the layout. I always use the same weapons

you 'll find here, because i only play with bots (never been on the

web) and these are: Daemia and Sarge prefer the SG, Grunt and Keel

prefer the RG, and Major, Visor and myself the RL. I always use

the PG and sometimes you 'll find the BFG. As for the construction,

i only built as far as the map can play fast and furious on my tired

Cel466 and Voodoo3. My focus is on frantic gameplay. And i can tell

you something about this particular map: Not reccomended to minors,

graphic violence depicted!


Let me tell you the story of these textures:

I was doing a hunting trip for textures and i stopped by Sock's site.

He had two new texpacks which i believe called them Gothic-X and

Mideval, but he couldn't release them, because they were based on

id's textures and mean ol' idsoftware ordered the removal of modified

Q3A textures from all sites. Now Sock, must be a smart guy. He had

plenty of samples, reduced in size, for example 192x192 instead of

256x256 and so on. I copied the pages as is, cut the double outlines

and brought the textures to actual sizes, added layers and masks and

alpha channels and got me 275 textures from that. Seems like poetic

justice to me. Some textures herein contain layers from id's drawings,

so sue me! (I also colorized three of their textures). Other artists

involved: textures marble01skull, marble01tri, marble01flower contain

layers that belong to Todd "Mr Clean" Rose. Also the blend texture

marblefx01 belongs to him (all the above from texpack4), and the

texture marble15mask contains a layer from his "Prophecy" texpack.

Textures marble01_512c, marble01q1, marble15_512c contain layers from

the beautiful texpack2 made by Thearrel "Kiltron" McKinney. Textures

marble01q2 and marble01xl contain layers that belong to another pro,

Kevin "Rorshach" Johnstone, from the "Singlemalt" and "Broken" texpacks

respectively. The texture marble15sock contains a layer from Sock's

weapon spawn models (is the actual texture idsoftware from Q3TA or it

belongs to Sock?) Finally, the texture marble15barellg contains a

layer which i can't remember where i found it (sorry 'bout that).

The skullportal.md3, along with it's textures and shader, belongs to

Todd Gantzler, a miracle worker of mapobjects and what not.

NOTICE: I had a misc_portal_camera placed on the skullportal, looking

at the red flag, but it gave trouble. When you climbed the blue stairs

and immediately turned to the right, looking between the third and

fourth pole towards the red ramp to shoot some red geeks, the frame

rate was the lowest imaginable. Only when you looked across between

these two poles! I guess it was the effect of looking at a shader

through another shader (this opening is clipped, preventing the

bots to follow the wrong route). Oh my, and, boo hoo...


Mr Clean
Todd Gantzler


1) for the funniest, mother-friggin' game

of the millenia. Well, i can't thankyou enough for the Q3Radiant 202!

2) Bill Brooks (all the tutorials and mapobjects you can eat at Fast local downloads!

3) The BigHouse (, all the textures

for Q3A you can eat...

4) Sean Walton, the "Catalyst", for being my mapper hero.

5) To all the guys out there who produce and host Q3A stuff.

6) Thankyou ma!


My name is Jimmy, i am a 35yo musician from Athens, Greece.

Likes: WWII airplanes, european football, women, whiskey (with ice tea

on the side), playing music and writing songs. Dislikes: mean and

stupid, greedy and that little fascistic pig that everybody has in em.

I chose the name Firethrottle not because i'm bad, but because it is

the parameter that defines how fast a bot fires its gun in Q3A. As a

player i go by the name Reptile, hence the "reptctf-something". I'm a

textureholic and a CTF freak. If you like this map and you want to make

some changes, email me at: **email removed** and i'll send you the

.map file, hoping you 'll be decent about it.

And of course, "Two Worlds Collide" by INSPIRAL CARPETS.




April 17th 2003