Burning Reminders
Burning Reminders by Mr.Lake

This map features a wonderful lava theme that is adequately implemented throughout the map. There's a mix of both large, spacious areas and tight, narrow areas. The Quad Damage is nicely centred in one of the larger rooms where much of the action takes place. There's also a red armour next to a gigantic lava pit - the bots have no trouble picking it up, but you may want to watch your step.

The bots tend to navigate the map very well... sometimes too well. The corridors connecting the larger rooms and some of the tight areas are too dark for my tastes. This lead to frags coming from bots I couldn't even see when in these areas.

While this is a very spacious map, I found that there is very little health in it. You'll be playing injured for a majority of this map as the health is few and far between. r_speeds are not much of a concern except in the larger rooms when many players may be there at once.

Overall, a well-built map with good game play. Worth hanging on to for more than a few rounds.

Reviewed by oRBIT.

Update: Mr.Lake has made a number of improvements and changes and re-released the level (see the readme for full details). Included in the download is a demo of how to reach the BFG. (22.Apr.2003)

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (223 votes)

Download: Burning Reminders by Mr.Lake