Burning Reminders
"Burning Reminders - Version 1.1"
AUTHOR: Mr.Lake DATE: 04/10/03
E-MAIL: **email removed**
Note to everyone:

I figure I owe myself and the Q3A
community as a whole a deathmatch
environment that can push players
to excell. Right now I'm reading
quite a bit about CPMA and how to
optimize maps for it. This time,
I can't say that version 1.1 of
Burning Reminders will be my very
last. Being laid off certainly
can jog your creative mind to go
and create something. That's all
I can really say.

A lot of you have sent me e-mails
wanting to know how to access the
BFG secret room. Included is the
demo file showing the "how-to" of
getting there, granted there are
some variations. :)
Here's the list of fixes for 1.1:

- Increased light values in halls
- Adjustment of many bad brushes
- Re-botclipped the entire map
- Added more spawn points
- Re-hinted many areas
- changed clusterportals (lots of
bot optimization, many thanks
to Cardigan)
- Fixed some "floating" models
- Re-compiled with q3map2

Here is what's been added to 1.1:

- Demo showing off how to attain
the BFG secret room (requested
by too many people to count)
- An extra route with goodies!
- A couple of extras thrown in
for good measure ;)

This map is something I started
over a year ago, but just until
a few months ago, I picked it up
again. I'm glad I did too, this
is the first large-sized level
I've made; and for a first hack
at really trying to balance out
gameplay over a large area, I'm
entitled to at least think I did
pretty well. There's no hidden
meaning in the title of this map
or within it's design, so I hope
no one thinks it's my way of
remembering the dead in some
sick twisted fashion. It's been
influenced a bit by pictures of
Ireland, mixed with volcanos and
Alice in Chains albums. It just
seemed like a cool name at the
time and it stuck. Hope you all
enjoy it.

Please send me lots of comments!
How to install:

Copy the "map-burning1.pk3" file
into the "baseq3" folder inside
your Quake III Arena folder. Go
to Single Player > Skirmish, and
select "burning1" as your map.
Map file statistics:

Filename: burning1.bsp
Map title: Burning Reminders 1.1
Gametypes: Tourney, FFA, Team
Reccommended: 7 bots or a 4 vs 4

Build Time: 20 months (off & on)
Compile Time: 19.5 hours
Workstation: 2100 Athlon XP
Compiler: Q3Map2 (by ydnar)
Inspiration: Fire, Ireland, and
God. Oh yeah, and
Alice In Chains.
Special thanks to Cardigan over
at www.planetquake.com/cardigan/
for lots of help optimizing the
bots on this map.

Thank you to everyone who helped
with beta testing and getting me
the help I needed. You know who
you are! Long live the ..::LVL
Beta Forums...without which this
map wouldn't have been possible!
Burning Reminders v1.1 (C) 2003

The map file will be released to
the public under the LvL OGSL.
For more, visit the OGSL website