The Abandoned Post
The Abandoned Post by Electro & Killazontherun

Two things spring to mind when you look at this map, wow and nice touch! The atmosphere is so cool!

This tech theme Tourney map from Electro and Killazontherun looks amazing and is full of nice touches, the look and feel is brilliantly played out with a lovely calm set of blues and subtle yellows, wrapped around a grubby tech theme.

I played this against one Hardcore bot again and again, it rocks! Item placement is superb, armour shards located just before atrium style areas just enough for you to hear the sound and think where is that bot!?

All together an adrenaline pumper of a Tourney map, plenty of ambush sites and looks to die for. FFA was fun, but the atmosphere warrants a Tourney game! CPMA for the brave but just as good in Vanilla Quake 3!

Hardcore Bot play is excellent, after 15 mins or so they will take all powerups including RA!

Simply download!

Reviewed by EBUK.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (103 votes)

Download: The Abandoned Post by Electro & Killazontherun