Love Comes To Town
by Pila
Love Comes To Town by Pila

This map is basically a decent sized room with a few tall building structures in the center and some apartment buildings around the periphery. The rocket launcher is the weapon of choice as it is found in many locations. There are some elevator platforms leading up to the apartments which make a choo-choo train-like sound when used :-) Surprisingly, the bots utilize these elevators very efficiently!

The bots navigate through almost all of the map (except for the roof tops). However, they become a bit confused when using the flight power-up.

There really isn't too much game play in this map. The over abundance of power-ups allow one player to completely dominate (combine a Quad, flight, and regeneration and you get the picture). The small alleys between the buildings lead to easy frags, especially with the Quad. The tiny nature of the map allows it to get old pretty quickly.

A decent first try by the mapper, but I'd advice to go easier on the power-ups next time. You'll probably want to skip over this one.

Reviewed by oRBIT.

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (8 votes)

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