Pass The Map
Pass The Map by Various

This map was constructed in a unique way - from the readme:

This is a collaborative effort from a NUMBER of Q3W mappers. Each mapper had a set amount of time to do a section of the level, and then would pass it on to the next person. As you can imagine, this got quite ugly after 15+ people who all had different ideas of how they wanted the map to look and play.

When playing the map, it actually is not that bad. Although the architecture seems to be a hodgepodge at times, the overall construction and lightning is exceptionally well done. It definitely doesn't seem like a map that was thrown together as the different sections of the map seem to flow together. There's also a large nails-on-boards apparatus (one of my favorite parts of the map) that will kill you and doesn't confuse the bots at all.

Speaking of bots, they navigate the map very well. However, they seem to always cluster around one particular room with the Rail Gun. This can be a bit problematic for such a large map.

There are also certain items that one must jump to reach (regeneration and rocket launcher). Getting the rocket launcher is particularly nasty because it requires jumping on several platforms continuously to reach. Perhaps it would have been better if a BFG was awarded here. Although there is a BFG buried in this map, I was never able to find it even with spectator mode. Also, some parts of the map have excessively high r_speeds, but overall, it's not too bad.

Fun for a few rounds and certainly worth a try if you enjoy large maps!

List of authors: Ctrl.Del, Evil-Cremator, Fishman, Grandpa Stu, Grenade, Horst-ds, INV|S@ble, l0g1c, Lemonhead, Lordsquart, Peacedog, Q, RRROOOAAARRR, Slinki, Terminal, UniKorn, wviperw

Reviewed by oRBIT.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (11 votes)

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