Team Arena Map Pak #1
Team Arena Map Pak #1 by Various
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FistMarine unregistered
#36   23 Feb 2013
@Peter Reaper, I have made a patch which allows 3 maps from TA that weren't in SP, as well as these 2 map packs to be played in Single Player menu. I'm waiting to be uploaded now though. I know it's a comment from 2001 but just wanted to let people know about the patch. For me the Team Arena campaign felt shorter (even with all 4 gametypes) but when added 11 maps (8 of which are new) lengths the campaign which is even better.
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FistMarine unregistered
#35   23 Feb 2013
I think all of the maps are a great addition to Team Arena. I would give 10.
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Stick Man unregistered
#34   25 Dec 2012
i liked map pack 2 better than this. the maps don't feel really TA, they feel more like they are new (which is a good thing) but 1 maps seemed unfinished. i would give this 7
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The Loader unregistered
#33   07 Jul 2001
Yeah lets harvest...
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FooL unregistered
#32   07 Apr 2001
Ok. I broke down and got me a version of Team Arena. I've been in sensory overload ever since. Someone at ID got thier stuff together and figure out how to make some entertaining maps....

But back to the subject. These maps are primo. The best. You couldn't ask for anything more. High quality "columbian stuff" here.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#31   24 Feb 2001
Not sure what not entered means below but I'll take a guess :] The copy of JapanCTF that is included in the Team Arena Map Pack is not intended to be played in standard Q3A, so it will not be reviewed here as a standard Q3A level.
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not entered unregistered
#30   20 Feb 2001
Is JapanCTF v2 previewed for Q3A ?
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g1zm0 unregistered
#29   19 Feb 2001
Paul has mentioned in another forum that in order to include newer maps into the single player UI, it would have required coding changes.

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Peter Reaper unregistered
#28   19 Feb 2001
nice map pak, but should have an UI to play in single player mode!
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FooL unregistered
#27   18 Feb 2001
I appreciate the input. I'm just between paychecks right now and frothing at the mouth for this four pack. I'll pick up TA here in a couple of weeks. I was just hoping the textures had been released sperately. Oh well, guess I wait. Thanks
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nunuk unregistered
#26   18 Feb 2001
johnny law is right....TA is not that expensive, in europe either. it's not like if there were an ID product every month. and according to me it's really worth it. and to my surprise, many of those TA maps are really superior to q3arena in many points. i've pretty much heard and read that this release was just another "paying" addon...i totally disagree with that.

gonna download this fourmap pack right away.


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Nightblade unregistered
#25   17 Feb 2001
MEet-CEes, where should the scripts dir go? In the missionpack dir?

I don't suppose there is a way to make the new maps show up in the singleplayer gui?

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Johnny Law unregistered
#24   17 Feb 2001
Mmmm... well really, there aren't "missing textures" in these maps. They use textures from the Team Arena pk3 files, just like regular Q3 maps use textures from pak0.pk3 etc.

If you can't drop $20 on TA then you're not going to be able to view most TA maps unless someone takes the time to create a texture and shader pack with the same names/paths as the TA textures but with original media that they created from scratch. That could happen, I guess, but it's not likely to happen soon if ever.

Basically you need TA if you want to play TA maps... pretty much like it is with any game or missionpack.

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FooL unregistered
#23   17 Feb 2001
Stupid question here. But I've surfed around for a texture pack to fix all the missing textures and can't find one. I'm too poor to go buy the Team Arena pack.
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Peter unregistered
#22   17 Feb 2001
Very nice pack! Highly recommended!
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Cornelius unregistered
#21   17 Feb 2001
Are you sure? I just went through and tested the spawnpoints in-game, and double-checked the spawns in the original .map file. Everything looks OK...are you sure you joined the right team? Some servers will force players onto the opposite team if the teams are uneven.
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Lionel_A unregistered
#20   16 Feb 2001
Really good map pack but i've found a bug in Schadenfreude : sometimes a red player spawn in blue team and fight against red players !
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Pheroz unregistered
#19   16 Feb 2001
It looks like there is going to be a fix for Iteration of hell. Apparantly there is a clip brush that kills one of the spawn points, and reneders the player/bot that spawns there immobile. Hal said he was fixing it. So keep your eyes out for that. But this is an awesome pack. Incredible work.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#18   16 Feb 2001
WAZZIE:the secret is a texture and its pretty hard to find. I'll see if anyone else can answer you before I give it away
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WAZZIE unregistered
#17   16 Feb 2001
How do I get the secret stuff on schadenfruad ?

Anyone know -

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hannibal unregistered
#16   15 Feb 2001
nah, Judas yer not dumb, just "special" :)
Pimp again: Get these maps now! They are a great holdover until 3wave gets their next pack out ta boot.
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pssst unregistered
#15   15 Feb 2001
if you use hal9000_ta for anything other than team arena make sure to remove halctf4 or halctf4b or there will be a conflict and missing jumppad textures in hal9000_ta.
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judas unregistered
#14   15 Feb 2001
Hannibal - thanks. Guess that make me dumb then. My excuse is that it's been a long day... ;-)
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hannibal unregistered
#13   15 Feb 2001
Judas, if you mena playing through the TA interface, just use the start sever option, all the maps will appear in the list.
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psssst unregistered
#12   15 Feb 2001
great maps, but does anyone else get missing textures in hal90000? map calls textures/halctf4/red_jumppad_goth.tga and the blue jumppad file and they are not in the pk3.
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Bauul unregistered
#11   15 Feb 2001
Hannibal is right, G1ZMO's JC variant is not only beautiful, it also plays incredibly. The rest of the maps are great, but JC is apsolutaly brilliant!

Personally, I wouldn't mind downloading something twice the size of it meant I could play Japanese Castles TA.

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MEet-CEes unregistered
#10   15 Feb 2001
i found a error in the arena script for Drunken Boxers map

it says "obelisk" instead of "overload" simply extract the arena file make the change and put it in the scripts folder or make this folder it you dont have one.

otherwise you wont beable to play that awesome map with that great game mode.

also BOTs kick Arse

mappers should read up a tutorial on making bots great on maps im sure MrElusive has some great ones.

awesome maps

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judas unregistered
#9   15 Feb 2001
Uh, call me dumb, but is there any way to get these maps to appear in the map list on the nice pretty pointy-clicky interface, or is it all console/cfg jiggery-pokery to get 'em running?
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Ronin unregistered
#8   15 Feb 2001
wow, the new japan owns!
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Sehlio unregistered
#7   15 Feb 2001
El-b you have to have the gamemode set to ctf instead of free for all.
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El-b unregistered
#6   15 Feb 2001
absolutely amazing maps, but the one i wanted most was the japanese castles which i can't get into because Team Arena brings up an error saying "couldn't find spawn point" anyone help?
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hannibal unregistered
#5   15 Feb 2001
The remake of Gizmo's map alone makes this download worthwhile, its fantastic. The rest of the maps have been improved as well. Absolutely bitchin'!
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Ty Christensen unregistered
#4   15 Feb 2001
men give me wood
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stimpEE unregistered
#3   15 Feb 2001
This map pack rules. I am soooo happy that g1zm0 has decided to go back to his original plan for Japanese Castles. Originally in the first betas it had the bridge and a quad instead of the red armour underneath but was removed before the full pack version was released. I am of course talking about the Q2CTF version called Samurai Castles that was included in the L-Fire Map Pak #2. Fot LAN parties we always used the beta version because we thought it was better. Now if only a version with the bridge would be released for Q3A...
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Tungsten unregistered
#2   15 Feb 2001
the new japanese castles gives me wood
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#1   15 Feb 2001
Forgot to meantion that there is a cool All Your Base Are Belong To Us secret on Schadenfreude
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