Tribute to n1*dK
Tribute to n1*dK by DruZli & xfoo
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#17   08 Jan 2010
its a shame there was never a version made that fused the best aspects of both the official cpm releases. The teleports rock on this one but it lacks the stair jumps that allow you access to the upper levels from the lower levels in the redux. Of course the redux has those but lost the teleporter routes in the process. I don't know that this translated as an improvement for cpm11a. I also prefer the item placement on this one to the latter.
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inmate ##001 unregistered
#16   25 Sep 2004
lol what this that ??

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spud unregistered
#15   01 Mar 2001
I like this map a lot. It might be a bit dark though. I have to turn up the brightness to enjoy it, but enjoy it I do. PS. I'm using Nvidia drivers and running a Geoforce 2. I don't think my set up is an issue. :-)

Great layout - well thought out.

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SpaceRat unregistered
#14   27 Feb 2001
Ég verð bara að segja það, þú ert besti mapper í heimi, ja að minnsta kosti á íslandi, miklu betri en ég =)
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Hyp3Rm4N unregistered
#13   25 Feb 2001
gegt , gegt ýkt flott
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pu§hy unregistered
#12   23 Feb 2001

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Flowerbauer unregistered
#11   15 Feb 2001
hehe.. the first game i played on this map was a 60-minute 1on1. did it get boring? no! a hell of a map :)

gj again druzli

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Uncas unregistered
#10   15 Feb 2001
What are you fellas talkin about? It looks great :)

But the gameplay is it's real strength like in all of Druzli's maps. Keep'em commin buddy :)

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matrix32x unregistered
#9   14 Feb 2001
DruZli ownz j00!
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tubesock unregistered
#8   14 Feb 2001
this map kicks serious ass!
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xfoo unregistered
#7   14 Feb 2001
This map rules.


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hannibal unregistered
#6   14 Feb 2001
What can I say? OK, how about this. It was very clear that this map had the serious fragmeister in mind all during the design process. Though everyone can enjoy its thoughtful gameplay, this puppy will last with me because it will take an investment of time to mine out all the tactical nuances to be found here. Now if we can get Druzli to release those other two new duel maps found with CPM2b seperately :) You guys should definitely continue to collaborate!
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arQon unregistered
#5   14 Feb 2001
Well, I'm not a picmip 1 guy when I'm playing so the textures aren't that important to me, but the map is colour-neutral for the most part, which is great: I'm REALLY sick of seeing maps that are just assorted shades of red. :)

But for gameplay, the map is just superb. It's a map that REQUIRES thought to succeed on:

just being an aimgod won't cut it. There are some nice chained tele runs to make; there's definite risk involved in getting the RA, MH, or RG - it's just a great strategic map.

Acceptance of a map to be CPMxx is something that usually takes MONTHS while it's playtested to death and the design team scrutinise every tiny detail of the gameplay and item placement. This one made it in a few weeks, which is a heck of an acheivement, and it had a huge amount of testing done in that short time simply because everybody enjoyed playing it so much.

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4nT1 unregistered
#4   14 Feb 2001
Truly an inspirational map with amazing gameplay and weapon placement, im truly in awe of the work druzli has produced:)
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nunuk unregistered
#3   14 Feb 2001
it's a damn fine map for sure... but if the authors had used their own custom textures and be a little more original about the look, then it would have been even greater.

however.... i understand that concept about not giving a f..k about graphics..... "a gameplay focused level" as tig said.

personnaly the only idea of going into the same old atmosphere bores me very much. it is not that hard to grab a texture pack on the Bighouse and do something different. for cpm or vq3, it doesn't matter...

for the gameplay it looks like a keeper already.

for the look, i would escape from the place right away.


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xtc unregistered
#2   14 Feb 2001
Who cares about looks anyway? This is one hella fun map, takes a litle time to learn but it sooo owns when you get the hang of it.
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rat unregistered
#1   14 Feb 2001
omg it owns!

its fun,fast and total ownage!

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