Tribute to n1*dK
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The CPM maps are maps that have been chosen because of their above-average gameplay in a
competitive sense. They have also been chosen for their compability with CPM settings.

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-- CPM11
-- Map title: Tribute to n1*dK
-- Author: Druzli (Iceland) and xfoo (USA)
-- Author contact: **email removed**
-- Author homepage:
-- Gametypes: 1on1, 2on2
-- BSPname cpm11

-- Why did we choose this map?

Druzli first came to our attention when he released "Up Close and Personal", a really
good and action-packed map, but with this map he has surely proved what his cooperation
with xfoo can spawn. This map has great strategical qualities and still is very fast
thanks to intelligent teleporter locations and item placement. This map was planned to
be used in a cash-prize tournament in Poland almost before it was finished, so load it
up and find out why!

-- Words from the author

I made this map because I thought a medium/big map was needed for cpm.
I took some ideas from q1dm4 and mixed them with my own ideas to make a map that's
hopefully fun to play. Tricks and map knowledge are important to master this map
and players are required to think alot playing it. Items are set up in such a way
that players have to move around all the map to stay stocked with ammo/armor/health.
xfoo helped me with creating a good flow and he also did the item placement. I did
my best at texturing and detailing and tried to create a warm world inside this

Thank u all u know who u are:)

Give it a good run and enjoy yourselves,