Mister Rocket
Mister Rocket by Dross
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not entered unregistered
#14   28 Sep 2002
this is a killer map!!!!
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ComputerBuddha unregistered
#13   18 Oct 2000
This is a great level. The placement of the power-ups is well done (i like the invisability placement best) The great room, with mega health, is a great room for grapple play. High ceilings, and even a few places to hide out. Just a little to red for my taste, but the game play negates that.
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Dross unregistered
#12   05 Oct 2000
The zip had the dir structure.. but it's baseq3/textures/gothic_door/door02_j.jpg

If it's gonna be a problem i'll switch door textures.. But I don't wanna have another version floating around. This tex is coming from my pak0.pk3, which comes with the game. I don't know what I can really do about it. But don't let a missing door tex stop you from voting. Thanks crudeseal1.

Thanks for comments again alos ArQon. Glad you had fun

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crudeseal1 unregistered
#11   04 Oct 2000
I got the texture, but still can't figure out what to do with it. Where do i put it in the pk3? And no, I don't have a mac. p3 550 prophet ddr

And I'm apparently not the only one having the problem. Don't know what to tell you. Wish I could vote though, cause this one deserves a 10.

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Dross unregistered
#10   04 Oct 2000
Well I sent it to ya... and it's straight from textures/gothic door/door_02j

in the pak0.pk3..

Do you have a Mac? Anyway if anyone else experiences the missing door tex, let me know. If it's a problem I'll send it to you.

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crudeseal1@aol.com unregistered
#9   04 Oct 2000
I'm getting the missing door texture too. Otherwise great map, but I'm afraid I can't vote quite yet. Maybe someone will look into it and email me the missing texture. hint hint
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number 6 unregistered
#8   03 Oct 2000
On what appears to be a gateway/teleporter.
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arQon unregistered
#7   03 Oct 2000
I really didn't like the original version of this map, but the revised one rocks me.

The RA/MH area is the one to control, IMO, especially with RG there, but the quad and BFG at the other end means that

the other player/team (2v2 is really good on this map) has a chance to get back into the game. I don't mind having BFG that near to quad since you're

going to take damage getting it, and while you can heal up pretty quickly it's still a slightly dodging proposition to go for it.

I think the map's pretty nicely balanced, and the connectivity is excellent, and for me those are by far the two most important aspects of a good map.

In team games, I found myself getting low on rail ammo a fair bit but never

quite running out as I could time it well, which is exactly how you want it

to be. Likewise, I could usually stay around 70/70, but there were times when

I had to go on runs to either 50h or one of the megas to get back to a "safe" level

This map is great for 2v2, or 1v1 in Pro Mode.

(No missing textures for me either, BTW)

lo_ping: it's prolly the portal that's raping you. If you can live with not being able to see through it, set cg_fastsky 1.

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Dross unregistered
#6   02 Oct 2000
Thanks Lo_ping.. And thanks GONNAKILLYA! LoL.. Gerb ofcourse..Anyway if ya like my map, vote for it!
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[dAL]lo_p1ng unregistered
#5   02 Oct 2000
I love this map, its too much fun, a really sweet layout. I found that it lags my comp. when I go for the railgun tho'

I didnt see any missing tex on my DL.....

good one Dross.

sup gerb, how u been?

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Bionic Gerbil unregistered
#4   02 Oct 2000
The door Dross, remember I had this missing tex too? =)

Glad it's finally reviewed. Mad map, a keeper for me.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#3   02 Oct 2000
I didn't see any missing textures.

This map is seriously cool. I like how you hid a few things. It got me running along the walls looking for more hidden goodies.

You even took the time to texture the outside where you can rocket jump to in the main hallway with the door and look out those grate dealys. I like small stuff like that, nice touch.

Overall, the texturing is fine but a little shocking to the retinas in places.

Other than that, no gripes. A solid map with a cool layout and fast gameplay.

Well done.

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Dross unregistered
#2   02 Oct 2000
Where's the missing texture?
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Number 6 unregistered
#1   02 Oct 2000
Missing textures are bad...mkay?
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