Deftones by Mr.Lake
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Hooyaah Rep. 559
#23   15 Feb 2010
This is a tight (in a good sense) map that is well suited to death match, esp. 1 vs. 1. This arena has the jams to frag to. Eye pleasing realism, video monitors, and fast paced game play make this one a keeper. Two to four players is what shows as recommended and, yes, just add some more players and the gibs will fly everywhere. What's not to like?
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#22   08 Aug 2003
I'm actually thinking the next tribute map I make will be for Korn. Any objections?
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-*DMF*-ULTRASPANK5 unregistered
#21   29 Jul 2003
Um, Engine #9 deserves a level to respect the total massiveness of the groove:)
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Mr. Lake unregistered
#20   03 Mar 2003
A couple years later and look where this map turns up! You know, despite everything, Kiltron should still get a lot of credit for this one. I suppose the other half I owe to my newer map for becoming popular. Anyway, thank you all for downloading my maps!
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SupEr BOt unregistered
#19   27 Oct 2002
Kiltron is an ASS!
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Mattbo unregistered
#18   27 Oct 2002
Lake is THE manster!
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Mattbo unregistered
#17   27 Oct 2002
Lake is manster!
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d1git4l B4th3r unregistered
#16   03 Oct 2002
the map is cool and the mix of the song is realy good but you shouldmake the map bigger like 6 players
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def-fan unregistered
#15   29 Oct 2001
sweet maybe another song woulda been better but deftones are fukin cool you get 10
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Ekso unregistered
#14   26 Apr 2001
J00 da man, Lakemo!!


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Lake unregistered
#13   18 Apr 2001

The links below no longer work. Visit to download the latest versions.

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Lake unregistered
#12   29 Nov 2000
Ok, I know a lot of people have been waiting for this. So here it is: the re-release of Korea with all the fixes.

Fixed: Bots playing hide and seek in metal planks by SG

Fixed: Minor geometry issues, now higher FPS

Fixed: Water drain looks correct now

Improved: 100h is easier to get

Improved: Bots camp like they should, gameplay is really tight now

And, I made sure to release a no-music version for those who don't want the 8.3 MB download.

Here's the addresses:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> (with music)

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> (no music, 1.4 MB)

Also, Kiltron can stop complaining, I made the proper changes to the .txt, giving him credit for the shader file. That was a blunder on my part.

Enjoy everyone!

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Lake unregistered
#11   02 Nov 2000
The e-mail I sent to Kiltron:

"Man, that was a complete and serious goof on my part. I'm totally sorry for not listing you in the readme. I'll make sure to re-write the file when I re-distribute the non-music version. My seriously humble appologies.


I'm re-releasing the non-music version of Korea as soon as my site gets transfered to a new server. My appologies to those who've been waiting. Oh, and Kiltron's "Deviant" map was part of the inspiration, but mostly the Deftones website and their music. I used Kiltron's .shader file to help give me a clue as to what I wanted to do. A lot of the monitor designs are really his, so I can't take all the credit. Personally, Deviant is one of my favorites.

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7words unregistered
#10   07 Oct 2000
Respect my dick kiltron this map is rules
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MMs unregistered
#9   07 Oct 2000
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Abbo unregistered
#8   05 Oct 2000
Lake...? Map without the music would be very nice pls.
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Abbo unregistered
#7   05 Oct 2000
yeah... Me too.

If the map without the music is 8.3 - 8 megs, then I'll get it...

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Tyre unregistered
#6   04 Oct 2000
... waiting for a version of the pk3 without 8 megs of music I'll never listen to ...
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Kiltron unregistered
#5   02 Oct 2000
It's cool to release a promo map, but it's bad to not give any credit to another author/map from which your idea derived from. Deviant was the inspiration to create this map according to this author's emails to me. And use of shaders as well. Pretty shitty when they don't list that in the readme .txt. Map is decent, but respect rank = 0..........
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#4   02 Oct 2000
Seriously cool details in this map. When I looked down at one of the open pipes and saw water coming out and that little splash dealy thing going on where the water pours out....awesome!

The layout is good for a quick DM or Tourney game. It's a little too horizontal for me but that's ok, this map rocks.

One thing though, and this is just my opinion, but we are assaulted with advertisements day in and day out. Why the hell are they creeping into Quake maps? I'm sorry but I'm just here to play a game, not to have a CD or anything else pitched to me. It's bad enough we now have commercials at the movie theater, but do we have to have them in our favorite games? Come on, people.


Excellent map. Kudos.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   02 Oct 2000
Well, this is pretty good. In playability it beats out that other promo map, the Dre/Eminem thing.

IMO it's too flat and simple for a fun FFA. However it's got some promise for toe-to-toe 1-on-1 play... unfortunately the railgun kinda ruins it, in a flat, open map like this one, if either player has good aim. Switching out the RG for an LG probably would help things tremendously, oh well.

Dunno about instagib, but I can see how this could work in RA3, since players will often have enough armor to survive a rail shot.

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Dross unregistered
#2   02 Oct 2000
Cool map and kudos for it being Deftones.
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Dross unregistered
#1   02 Oct 2000
Hey, I havent' checked the map out yet, but Deftones kick ass.. Infact I'm gonna listen to that cd right now! I'll check it out in a bit.
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