Deftones by Mr.Lake

Visible through grates and the building footings, water flows beneath the whole level and the constant murmuring is quite soothing - until the fragging starts, of course :] Its a great feature in a well proportioned, solid map. The layout is pretty simple, lots of horizontal gameplay. A 3 player DM offers a nice, fast, fragfest but nothing too challenging. Bots play ok most of the time, but they have a morbid fascination with the metal planks around the shotgun. A no-bot shader would have resolved this small problem. The Bots don't go for the 100h. There is a 8meg music track included. Try it with InstaGib or RA3 too.

Worth checking if the file size doesn't scare you.

Update - Mr.Lake re-released the level with a number of fixes. The zip file has been updated to the new version. (7.jan.00)

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (121 votes)

Download: Deftones by Mr.Lake