forkdm1 by nnc.Fork
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*]Fork[* unregistered
#4   06 Oct 2000
well, yes it is my first map and first I didn´t want to release it on any server... but if it was ready, i tought the gameplay isn´t that bad and decided to make it my first officail add-on map =). It´s true, that the look isn´t that professionell ;), but the idea with the mirror is, in my opinion, not that bad.

I´m just working on my next map... and this one will be MUCH better than my first. So: stay alert =)


(excuse my bad english =))

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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#3   04 Oct 2000
The map is not as bad as the review by LvL. Although both could use some work, ie both are kind of young.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#2   02 Oct 2000 this a first map?

Judging from the screenshot and the tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek review, this map isn't gonna win any beauty contests.

I did have a lot of fun watching my player model do all of his ninja moves in the mirror.

Sorry, ]Fork[, this map should have been developed a lot more.

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Blitzz unregistered
#1   02 Oct 2000
Very nice zebra-ing effect in the screen, too =)
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