Mister Rocket
Title : Mister Rocket
PK3 Name : misterrocket.pk3
Date : Auguest 20, 2000
Author : "Dross" Robert Titland
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : members.xoom.com/dapumkins (crap page)
Build time : 3 weeks(I don't know really)
Brush Count : 2635
Botsupport : Yes
CTFsupport : no
New Textures : A new texture from Vrmagazine, readme included.

Map Info : This is my second released map for Q3. It's also my second map I've ever made for Radient.
I think it's got some good gameplay. Has some open areas so framerates could suffer but it
run smooth over all... There's a few secrets as well(Not telling hehe)

WARNING: : This is the second version released.. The first one had bad lighting and lightning ammo and no lightning gun. Plus a few gameplay problems fixed.

Special Thanks goes to : Bionic Gerbil for helping me test the map out. Many of the people at the forums.

$Legal garbage$

This map is (c)Robert Titland
This map may be distributed freely by electronic means (internet and BBS)
as long as this txt file remains attached and unchanged.
Further distribution by CD or other media only with express consent of the author.