Until The End Of Time

Title : Until The End Of Time
BSP Name : alkdm08.bsp, alkdm08b.bsp
Author : Shaun Ross aka [Kona]
Release Date : September 2000
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page : Ethereal Hell: SP Map Reviews

Map Description : A mix between gothic and industrial using custom textures. There are two levels in this pack, a 1vs1 duel, and a 3-6 player ffa that is the same level but with some extra wings built on.

Other Info :
Please email me if you liked this level.

This is actually the sequel to Devonaire, using almost all the same textures. I sketched out a layout and built the level, but while it was good for 1vs1, I wanted it to hold more players. So I started adding rooms on the sides so now it is a bloodfest with about 5 players. The original smaller level is also included (alkdm08b), which is more of a 1vs1 hunt than my last 2 duels.

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Additional Thanks to : Stecki for the textures, available at deconstruct.terrafusion.com
Defrag and Zippie for testing


* Installation *

To install, simply unzip and place alkdm08.pk3 in your baseq3 directory wherever you installed Quake3: Arena. The maps should now be accessible via the Multiplayer or Skirmish menu or by typing "/map alkdm08" at the console without the quotes.

* Play Information *

Deathmatch : 3-6 FFA and 1v1 Duel
Player Base : Tourney, Free-For-All
Bot File (aas) : Yes

* MAP Information *

New Textures : Yes
New Enemies/Sounds : No
New Weapons/Quakec : No

* Construction *

Base : From scratch
Machine : P3 450mhz, 128mb RAM, Riva TNT2
Editor used : Q3Radiant

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels!
You may distribute this BSP in any electronic format (BBS, Internet,
PC/Game Mag cover-CD, etc) but you MUST inform me before you do this.