Area 15 - Nvidia Bunker
Area 15 - Nvidia Bunker by Casey
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Foo Rep. 365
#4   15 Sep 2022
Interestingly, this isn't the only Q3 level that was built to demo nvidia's Geforce 2 chips around this time. Mathias "TheUnreal" Neumann also created 'Creative 3D Blaster GeForce 2 GTS' (3dblastergts.pk3) released 06-26-00 to show off Creative's implementation of the chip. His level is also finished to a high standard but demonstrates things in a far more direct manner, having multiple corridors to show off multiple rendering pipelines and such.

Bit of a strange time for corporate content creation in q3, all told.

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Tig Rep. 1554
#3   25 Jul 2021
@leilei : I have worked out how the PK3 date is being reported incorrect. This is not going to be easy to correct, but I'll look into it.

Edit: PK3 build date has been corrected along with a heap of others. Thanks for pointing this out.

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leilei Rep. 413
#2   25 Jul 2021
The original PK3 was built on April 20 2000, this is lost in the upload :(
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#1   08 Jul 2021
for those looking for the abridged version: visually, this level has all the bells and whistles, but level design and gameplay is basically flat, and the concentration of armour/MH along with a handy drop to the power-up centralises the gameplay to one area and allows the player controlling it to dominate. Quad in a tourney is a no-no, and small FFA were ordinary. A visually lustrous level with lack lustre play. Have a look around but definitely not a keeper.
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