The Lost Yard - Extended
The Lost Yard - Extended by sst13
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BetaSlab Rep. 65
#2   25 Nov 2022
Ignoring weapon placements, this is a clear victor against the original Quake map and 13's first version of this map. I remember bots getting stuck on the LG platform on the first version of The Lost Yard but that issue seems to cease to be here. Also that kraken room underneath the map got my attention when I was noclipping, not sure how to access it normally, it seems the teleporter under the launchpad in the quad room seems to teleport you there.
Edited 3.06 hours after the original posting.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#1   27 Sep 2021
I like the layout. Removing the rg prevents sniping from its platform and brings the game back to the main platform and hitting the bouncepads and item spawns with rockets which is how we used to play this level anyway. gl platform: nice fallback for anyone taking a hit on the way up to the Quad. Having the quad off the top platform prevents players from dropping down anywhere on the map with it and forces a respawn onto one of the most vulnerable spots. Telefragging the quad pick ups is a really nice touch. the cosmetics are lovely but item layout is well though out.
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