Area 15 - Nvidia Bunker

Area 15 - Nvidia Bunker - by - Casey

This is a high polygon demonstration Level built specificlly for Nvidia.
It has been built completely from scratch, and was built with a 5 week deadline to be ready for GDC 2000 (March 8th, 2000).

Title : Area 15 - Nvidia Bunker
Date : Mar/05/2000
Filename : nv15.pk3
Author : Casey
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : Simple layout 'Tourney sized' map using 'Base' style textures and architecture

Additional Credits to : Zoid, he saved the day by helping me out when I had four days left to finish the level, and had completly burnt myself out. Chris Donahue and Nick Triantos at NVIDIA for giving me the opportunity to make this software for always being there for us with a cutting edge game and a rocket launcher, and the movie "The Forbidden Planet" <circa 1956> for the inspiration for the power plant room.
All the testers and Demo participants: Pluto, TikTok, Deltan, ShoWtiMe, MadDog, Hyper, Zoid.


- Play Information -

Players : 2 to 8.
Bots : Yes
Weapons : No BFG, No Railgun.
Armor : 1 red, 1 yellow
Ammo : indeedilly.
Health : as required.
Demo : included is one DM demo, intended to act as a killer timdemo, except in this case the level itself is the killer, way more so than the demo DM action. The demo is named 'nv15demo' and runs for aproximately 40 seconds at realtime speed.

>>>>>>>>TO PLAY THIS MAP<<<<<<<<

Put the nv15.pk3 file into your baseq3 directory, and type "\map nv15" at
the console.

- Construction -

Base : From scratch
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Additional Tools : Q3map.

Known Bugs : I didn't have time to kill all the 'sparklies', turn off 'Fastsky' and you shouldn't see them (there is no sky anyway).

Build Time : 4 caffine soaked weeks, night and day and night and day.

Textures used : Base style

Compile machine : Athlon 750 with 256 MEGS, Quadro 64meg DDR, running Windows 2000
q3map BSP Time : 4 minutes
q3map Vis Time : 1 hour
q3map Light Time : 17 hours (normal) - 60 hours -extra
bspc Time : 35 minutes
Brushes : 9111
Entities : 1500

- Copyright / Permissions -

Contact **email removed** for copyright/redistribution information.