Rat Race
Rat Race by headrot
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#8   13 Jan 2012
Good but your maps have the same lighting effects. Try to use something else.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6433
#7   01 Aug 2010
i'm a little sadenned by headrot's last comment here. making custom maps for games and composing music are by no means sad but exhibit talent and creativity and a good work ethic. If you drop by headrot - keep ur chin up! My sad hobbies include playing and reviewing custom maps but would love to 1 day make a few maps if i ever get the time and inclination and admire those who do - what an accomplishment! On this level itself - i have just emerged from a cpma tourney fest and must add to my review that while lacking the "ideal" stack of cpma tourney items - the lack of ya/mh and the booby-trapping of ra/rg while diluting a players strengths still balances out - making the red armour something to be fought over that is difficult to get. the booby-trapped rg means while you may not have the health and armour to counter its attacks - it can still be hard to get... peace out y'all!
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headrot Rep. 168
#6   14 Mar 2009
Thought I should point out that this is probably my last quake3 map (I may update JMDM2 for added bot support) and would like to admit that I have been using QuArK 6 (ARRGGHH!!), I have finally given up on learning how to do everything.... and then working out how to apply it to QuArK, and yes I'm being lazy and can't be bothered to learn Radiant. Also I would like to say (for those who give a wet fart) that this map is based on my FIRST design for a map - "dodge" released ages ago as a really crappy build. For those of you who like IDM/electronic music be sure to check out my other sad hobby at [myspace.com/musicbynumber]
Peace out people and GOD BLESS ..::LvL!
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Tig Rep. 1732
#5   13 Mar 2009
@Johann: You can't. You need the full version of Q3. You can buy it online from Steam or pick it up from a game store pretty cheap. Look in the bargain bins.
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Johann unregistered
#4   13 Mar 2009
How do you make the map work in the Quake 3 Demo
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plasma unregistered
#3   05 Mar 2009
this map looks great, a reason for me, to download this release . . . and i agree with the author : thanks for existing lvlworld !
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headrot Rep. 168
#2   03 Mar 2009
Thanks for the review Mark, thanks again to ..::LvL for existing!
Damn - how did I not see the bots getting stuck around the SG?! Oh well,
jus wanted to say the map is a kind of 'hardcore' tourney insofar as it's really easy to dominate the down player coz of redarmor placement / sounds / all the pitfalls, but kinda 'fun' too?
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Cashmere Cactus unregistered
#1   26 Feb 2009
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