blueray by Bret C. Sheppard
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Mapsking Rep. 382
#5   27 Jun 2020
I played this map with our family. We are not hardcore gamers, but we like chaos, and just having fun together. The map was fun to play, with six of us playing tonight, but had a few problems. Notably, there is an area where you can get stuck, never a good thing in a map. We play with OpenArena, and for me personally, the main blue/black square wall texture was kind of hard on my eyes, almost hurting after a few minutes. I agree with the review, in that half the time, I went to get a weapon, and I expected to be teleported somewhere, and it was unclear what was going to happen. Also, the tube definitely should not allow you to walk through the walls, not only is it hard to see another player, if they are outside of the tube, but it can cause some graphical glitches as well, and can be a possibly unintended camping spot. It seemed to be a bit too bright in some areas, but it may be fine, as Q3 tends to be darker than OA. One other nitpick, is I wished higher resolution textures were used, some of the walls make you sick, as you run around, due to being so low-res, at least for me. A few other thoughts, there is a spawn up on the top level, right by the BFG, with rocket launcher, megahealth, and quad, all in close proximity. That is just a bit of overkill. Having everything up top is fine, but there should not be a spawn point right next to the BFG.

One other final thought, in the readme, the author says anyone can edit the map, and the .map file is included, but sadly this is not the case, as the .map file is nowhere to be found in the .pk3 file. The author included an extra copy of the .bsp and .aas file, perhaps they were confused.

Overall, in spite of a few questionable choices, we had fun playing the map, and I recommend it. After all, having fun is what most maps are made for.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#4   23 Jul 2012
Looks like a very aquatic map, despite the lack of water. Hopefully Bluray wont sue you :P

BTW the Tastycast review below reviewed several Quake 3 maps (along with maps from other games) the review for this map came in at 6:55 in the .mp3
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peewee_RotA (No Relation) Rep. 30
#3   27 Apr 2009
A Tastycast review is also available for this map:


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Anonymous unregistered
#2   31 Mar 2009
I think that I have to agree with v1l3.
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v1l3 Rep. 1545
#1   27 Mar 2009
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