Rat Race
Map Information

Title: Rat Race
File: jmdm3.pk3
Date: 5th Jan '09

Author: Joshua Milburn / headrot
contact: **email removed** / **email removed**

This is my 3rd map made for CPMA (pro mode) play.

It is primarily a tourney map but can be played ffa if you like it intense.

Layout is based on my FIRST idea for a map all those years ago, and was actually released
on ..::LVL as "dodge" (part of "dodge and plan" pack) in 2001 (badly made).

There is quite a lot of custom textures so credits are as follows:

>The texture on all the pipes is originally from Cpm23 by Matt "Lunaran" Breit ( **email removed** / www.lunaran.com )

>There are lots taken from Ikka "Fingers" Keränen's IKBASEQ3 set, some have been modified.

>Theres a classic teleport texture that I cant find out where it came from (sorry to whoever made it!)

>Also there is a bit of a Bob Marley Theme, which is my fault....

I spent a long time optimizing the map for bot play (after all, the bots in jmdm2 were really stupid),
but they do still try to get the Red armor when the "door" is shut but they don't try for
long (2 seconds maybe). Also they do not use the teleporter in the railgun room much, but this
is OK coz they can't do teleport jumps anyway and would tend to get stuck in a loop (just going back
through the teleporter repeatedly) SO I had to put a respawn point right next to the railgun, in order
for the bots to (sometimes!) pick it up. Other than that (and the shootable button....) the bots
work fairly well, so I'm pleased with myself.

I have done an accurate illustration of the layout and "trick" jump locations
view it here:


Like my previous map theres a lot of clipping to help the map flow, but
unlike my previous maps there are also curve brushes (mostly decorative!)

SMALLNOTE: The horizontal "bars" that are scattered around the level (mostly lit
in blue) cannot be shot through, but can be shot over (grenades) or under (small gap)


Game play

Tourney: yes

Deathmatch: yes (4 people is probably too many!!)

Bot File (aas): yes

Spawn Locations: 13

Item Balance: 1xSG,GL,RL,LG,RG
1x Red Armor
6x5 Armor (230 total armor)
3x50 Health
4x25 Health
9x5 Health (295 total health)
4x Bullets
4x Shells
3x Grenades
2x Lightning
2x Rockets

How to play: Place jmdm3.pk3 in your
"XX/Quake III Arena/baseq3" folder
start quake3 Arena
hit ~ then type /map jmdm2 then enter


Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Copyright (c) 2009 Joshua Milburn
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN
distribute away.....