Title: jumprun
Author: NaturalSpringWater
Suggested players: 1
A skill testing arena. There are seven stages, each tests a differnt set of skills.
1. Walking
2. Jumps
3. More walking and difficult jumps
4. Launchpad jumps
5. Grenade jumps
6. Rocket jumps (very difficult)
7. Rocket jumps

Final room: quad rocket grenade jump.

note- theres an inbalance in the map; the sixth stage is the hardest by far, any good q3 player with a little effort
will be able to beat any other stage, but stage 6 takes a greater rocket jumper and lots of tries. If you're stuck
on 6, noclip by to 7.

btw when i made this map i couldn't figure out a way to take a grenade launcher away from a player, so while in
stage 6 you are actually equipped with both grenades and rockets. Though all of stage 6 CAN be done with only the RL
and was intended to be done this way, you can use grenades also to help if you're stuck.