Hypercube 13
Hypercube 13 by sst13
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Brett Brennan Rep. 393
#15   21 Apr 2016
I am getting a Borg-vibe from this one.
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CZghost Rep. 1611
#14   19 Oct 2014
I try to focus on how it was made it as this is really outstanding untraditional release (cartoonish look, rocket boom is more like the cartoonish puff, celshading around player and weapon model; the flying skybox), altough, all the assets changes are visible only in this map, are there any extra keys to worldspawn that allow to change something that is game related?
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Kyall Rep. 407
#13   10 Mar 2012
Looks pretty good at first glance. I'm not sure if i was playing it wrongly, or in the wrong mode maybe, but it just looked like a cube. On the other hand though, awesome textures and the skybox is fascinating. I thought it was pretty fun to use noclip and just fly about and have a look around, even though that is not how you play it. Awesome map, 8.5/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#12   06 Feb 2012
Lol the rocket launcher effects are mad!. It's just an amazing experience. 10/10
Edited: 06 Feb 2012 AEST
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GuitarMan Rep. 468
#11   29 Nov 2010
As said in comment #3, just start the map in CTF mode and you'll see the Disco mode. BTW, nice effects on that mode. :P
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SW12 unregistered
#10   29 Nov 2010
This is like the Death Star Trench (someone should make a map based on that) But only triangular and with lotsa hypercubes. I noclipped and went into another, but there is nothing inside. and u go thru them. Anyway, what's disco mode???
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PaN61 Rep. 377
#9   05 Feb 2010
I love the hidden disco mode.


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PaN61 Rep. 377
#8   26 Jan 2010
Very fun map, great for rocket launcher training. Team Deathmatch is really fun.


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compaqtomania unregistered
#7   03 Oct 2008
i played this level and i think this is very cool plea
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Dumbman unregistered
#6   03 Aug 2008
small map, but really fun!!!
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Nightmare unregistered
#5   16 Jul 2008
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Anonymous unregistered
#4   24 Jun 2008
it's perfect for rocketlauncher skillz training!
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sst13 unregistered
#3   24 Jun 2008
At first I want to say: thanks for the review Wakey!

Some background information:
The gameplay of this map was heavily inspired by Rocketarena and the Quake1 map "Endif".
Design was inspired by the Farbrausch demo "FR-038: Theta" and the alien-shuttle from the movie AI.

There are many "hacks" inside this map.
q3map2 related stuff:

  • Portal-sky, to create a huge canyon.

  • BSP upscaling 1:8 (I built this map as a miniature).

  • AAS reattaching from different BSP, because it was impossible to create an AAS from the oversized BSP.

  • Some other tricks:
  • Remap shader functions, to change some original shaders.

  • Noiseless func_button's, for the flashing plates.

  • Normal stuff:
  • The other cubes including their shadows are simple func_train's.

  • The canyon movement is just made by two scrolling textures, including scrolling cloud shadows.
  • There is also hidden a disco-mode. Just start the map in CTF.

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    Acro unregistered
    #2   23 Jun 2008
    So, basically, this is a one direct hit kill with RL's inside a cube thats moving through a narrow path of more cubes. I like the idea. It would have been cooler if you could jump into different cubes.
    But, I like this map. Worth the download.
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    Rota Rep. 120
    #1   22 Jun 2008
    wow.. again very original.. sst13 isnt mapper, but hacker..
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