Hypercube 13
Hypercube 13 by sst13

Again, a very extraordinary map from sst13. The gameplay takes place in a cell-shaded cube of connected plates, floating through some sort of canal with other cubes. There are no items in this map, but you spawn with the Rocket Launcher, Quad and the Battle Suit. The Quad and Battle Suit do not have timeouts either. This means Rocket Jumping without damage over large distances while you try to land a direct hit on anyone else inside the cube. Only direct RL hits will do damage with the Battle Suit on.

Mentionable is that the darker plates the cube consists of light up and show some circuits when you hit them. Also a very interesting fact from the technical view is that the other cubes and the clouds are casting shadows on the canal. An .aas file for botplay is included.

For lovers of very extraordinary and technical ambitious maps like me a must. For others, it can make a change from the more gameplay rich levels available.

Reviewed by wakey

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (43 votes)

Download: Hypercube 13 by sst13