Simple brushes
Simple brushes by ShadoW

This map is designed for Tourney and 2vs2 TDM using promode gameplay in OSP/CPMA. It is a very vertical map with wide open areas. In a Tourney match, the map is somewhat large and could have been shrunk down. If your opponent gets the RG before you, you'll have to keep your movement fast, since it is so open in spots. The RG takes some time to get at, unless you R-Jump approach. The mapper highly recommends TDM, which fits the map nicely. The MH is at the bottom of the map which you have to drop down to grab it, though you have to do some crate jumping to get back out of there which leaves you somewhat vulnerable for a bit of time. Forget about the MH pit if you are using standard Q3.

The map makes use of the eX textures which Evillair made for Q4 custom maps, and it gives the map a nice new look. The bots play fine.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (17 votes)

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