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Infernal Nocturnal
Infernal Nocturnal by Requiem
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Tig Rep. 984
#9   30 Aug 2016
@quakearea.spirit : What you are suggesting is fine for a game against bots.

If you play online or at a LAN then your suggestion will cause an issue unless everyone who is playing has done the same (including the server).

The best fix is to create a "patch" PK3 and leave it up to the player. You have no conflicts then. This way the original is not touched and the patch is optional.

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quakearea.spirit Rep. 1
#8   30 Aug 2016
Hi guys, this map has some texture missing. Fix it's easy:
Just rename the pk3 file from reqdm5.pk3 to map-reqdm5.pk3
Hope the map will be renamed from lvlworld so who download the map does not get this issue.
See You on beaver7.quakearea.com (quake 3 area 1.31)


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@anonymous This isn't a mod...?
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Tig Rep. 984
#6   28 Nov 2012
@anonymous: Your question does not (seem to) have anything to do with this map. Please post something in the forum. Also, Quake 3 Arena is not a mod, which is what most of the maps on this site are designed for, but they can be played in many Quake 3 mods, so please include some details about the mod you are using too.
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anonymous unregistered
#5   28 Nov 2012
I understand this mod is ...epic, but i have one question: why does it keep throwing you into spectator every time a restart or new map is played?
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AEon Rep. 591
#4   21 Aug 2009
Remember those original Q3A maps, "like id used to make", with that wow-factor gameplay-wise? Well this is one of those rare customs maps that pulls that off. Since it uses the standard textures you feel right at home (like in q3dm7), and just like to play in that map, exploring alternate paths.

I love the central placement of the RG, with a bit of jumping skill (for us non-pros) you can reach it from several spots, same is true for the MH. This "small" challenge adds to the overall fun of the map. The bots on Hardcore play very well. A definite download, if you like the "classic" maps.

Bug: Alas a texture for the lights is missing when playing this map in vQ3, a pk3 file update would be good.
Edited 1381.29 days after the original posting.

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not entered unregistered
#3   31 Aug 2003
look like a fast vertical smooth gameplay map. JUST the way i like them. tryin to get my maps this good! ;) well done requiem.
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ALMighty unregistered
#2   24 Aug 2003
There was some nice detail in the map, but overall I thought the rooms and everything seemed pretty randomly placed. That of course made the visibility bad, it wasn't unusual that the r_speeds climbed up above 2000 surfs. I think that if it had been planned better, it could have been a much better map. The verticality is good, and it was pretty fun to play, even with bots :)

Btw I missed a light texture.

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Octovus unregistered
#1   23 Aug 2003
I enjoyed this as a gothic romp...7/10 I guess, because gothic romps are getting tired, and the looks are a little odd in places. Do those "teeth" around the RG area ever clamp down? I guess that has something to do with the "secret" probably.

Bots are quite good and use all weapons, Bones even did the little jump to get the SG. Fun but not-too-hard jumps between platforms abound even in VQ3, so there must be tons in CPMA. Actually, since some other guy scored this a 5, I'll give it an 8. An average-looking map with well above-average gameplay (and that, of course, is an average made with all the sucky maps struck right off the list).


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